Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kicking Ass in Fauquier

Out of 1,130 votes in Fauquier County, 454 votes or 40.2 percent voted for Miller and 676 or 59.8 percent voted for Webb.

Howling Latina worked the Waterloo precinct, with the largest number of voters. Out of 142 votes, 39 votes or 27.5 percent voted for Miller and 103 votes or 72.5 percent voted for Webb.

Oh yea, Howling Latina HOWLS!

As a fellow Fauquierer, cheers to you!!!

I was pleased to see that the percentage that Webb got in this county rivalled the highest for Webb in the state!


Thanks for your work at the polls Mimi. Your efforts and your enthusiasm were greatly appreciated. Now it's on to the real fight. Let's get Webb elected to the Senate. And let's make sure O'Donnell and Feder join him in the Capitol.
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