Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is That All You've Got?!?

For the last few days Howling Latina has been pondering what exactly Sen. George Felix Allen is going to tell his constituents to counter attacks by James Webb during the upcoming Senate race.

The list of grievances against Allen are long, starting with his unconditional support for the worst policies in government in nearly a century; and climaxing with the fact that our junior senator is bored with his job as our representative in Congress.

On the road to the White House, Allen continues to travel the country roads to campaign, but for what, president or senator?

Allen seems to pop up every place where Republican presidential hopefuls gather. In the latest instance, Allen is traveling once again to Iowa this weekend.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Allen is defending his right to appear in Iowa and anyplace else that he wants. You know, like New Hampshire; and any location where would-be presidents strut their wares for approval and cash.

Allen will be the keynote speaker at a lunch benefiting the Republican Party of Iowa and the state's Federation of Republican Women. The event will be held in the middle of a three-day convention of the Iowa GOP and will be attended by about 300 activists, according to Sara Sauber, a spokeswoman for the party.

You see, Allen needs a boatload of cash because the “meanies” on the left are going to go after his god-given Senate seat in the fall.

Allen predicts he will be targeted for defeat this fall by national Democratic organizations and says he must raise money aggressively. He had $7.6 million in his campaign treasury on May 24, according to his latest filing with the Federal Election Commission. He could use money left over from his Senate campaign to run for president.
And quite naturally, the goober senator pointed out that Webb will most assuredly travel the nation for the funds he will need to defeat him.

"Have him tell you when he goes to Hollywood and what liberal, elitist actor's mansion he'll be raising money in next," Wadhams said, referring to a three-day fundraising trip Webb made last month to Los Angeles.
Well dear senator, there is nothing wrong with a candidate asking supporters from other states to help their campaign. The problem with your reelection strategy is all those pesky visits that have little to do with raising cash and everything to do with raising your national profile with voters outside of Virginia.

And if your entire campaign design for Virginia is to use the “elitist moniker” to offset your dismal Senate record and the dismal record of your party in Congress and White House, all HL has to say to you is that you’re gonna need every penny of that $7.6 million and then some.

For if anyone is an elitist, it is your fat cat corporate sugar daddies and military elites who pull your strings at every turn. Jim Webb is the least pretentious guy voters will meet on the campaign trail.

No $1500 snakeskin cowboy boots for the former Marine; down-to-earth authenticity is his brand.

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