Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is the Con Lineup History at MSNBC?!?

Today the blogosphere is a abuzz with the resignation of MSNBC president, Rick Kaplan.

Even though MSNBC has ever-so slowly started to climb out of the bottom of the rating barrel, not soon enough for NBC News president Steve Capus.

Effective immediately Kaplan resigned; and Howling Latina who has been posting of late about cable news ratings wonders if Tucker and Rita will soon go the way of Norville, Ron and Monica.

In all fairness to Ron Reagan, matching him up with Monica Crowley was a terrible idea; absolutely no CHEMISTRY! Especially considering Crowley's Fox pedigree.

The top two cash cows at MSNBC are "Countdown" and "Hardball," two shows with a progressive or centrist host, although Howling Latina has to acknowledge MSNBC keeps the righties under a tight editorial gridlock; no outlandish lies or spin allowed of the Hannity and O'Reilly variety.

Call me loony, but if I were trying to establish a new brand with loyal viewership, instead of trying to outflank Fox and their wingnut audience, HL would go after all the lefties in Cable-land; once word got around the liberal blogosphere, MSNBC's ratings would skyrocket.

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