Thursday, June 15, 2006

Forever Red?!?

A few months ago, rumors were rampant that Premier Fidel Castro has Parkinson’s disease.

Now the Associated Press via Forbes quotes Raul, his younger brother, saying that even if there is a "leadership change, " Cuba will remain a Communist bastion.

Raul Castro, the island's defense minister and designated successor of his 79-year-old brother, dismissed claims that Cuba's political system would change dramatically after his brother is no longer president, saying the party would quickly fill any political vacuum.

Well, Howling Latina can only state that if little brother is talking about a change at the top, heresy if Castro were well, looks like rumors started by the CIA may have been right on the $$$.

Of course, little brother ain’t no spring chicken at the age of 74, so ¿quién sabe?!?

Oh to be able to visit the home of my youth, something HL is no longer allowed to do since she does not have any immediate family living in the island nation; only first cousins and aunts.

Yep, Bush tightened the noose on visiting Cuba to the delight of the Old Guard in Miami who like Castro, thankfully is getting up in years.

Hopefully, this remnant from the Cold War, Bay of Pigs and Kennedy assassination will soon be truly history.

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