Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Democratic Verbal Smackdowns

Over at Crawfordslist is a grrrreat inventory of verbal smackdowns by Democrats in response to the over-used “cut and run” Republican refrain.

My absolute favorite smackdown is Joe Conason’s, “Fear and smear,” although “Stay the curse” from madmustard in the comment section ain’t too shabby.

Jack Murtha: "Stay and Pay."

And from yet another reader in the comment segment, “Drag…and Destroy.”

Howling Latina offers the dusty slogan of yesteryears to the list; old, but ever more appropriate to the current situation in Iraq, “Lie and Die.”

Update: Think Progress has a post on Sen. Chuck Hagel's verbal smackdown of his party's usage of "focus group-tested buzz words…like ‘Cut and Run." According to Hagel, the "catchy political slogans" are used to "avoid having a serious debate about Bush’s Iraq policy."

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