Monday, June 19, 2006

Breaking Plamegate News

President Bush told reporters on Air Force One that Fitzgerald has closed shop, according to Citizenspook.

The Houston Chronicle had a story yesterday about Bush's comments on Air Force One.

"It's a chapter that has ended," Bush told reporters Wednesday. Later the same day, Bush made clear that he had no interest in returning to the matter.

"I've made the comments I'm going to make about this incident, and I'm going to put this part of the situation behind us and move forward," Bush said.

Does that mean the investigation is over? Did Bush shut it down? And why won't Fitzgerald's office confirm ANYTHING!?!?

Democratic Underground has the following quote: "On Air Force One flying back from a surprise trip to Iraq, Bush said of the decision: "It's a chapter that has ended. Fitzgerald is a very thorough person. I think he's conducted his investigation in a dignified way. And he's ended his investigation."

The Houston Chronicle left out the very important tail end of Bush's quote and instead used another quote to convey closure.
"I appreciate the job that the prosecutor did. I thought he conducted himself well in this investigation," Bush said. "He took a very thorough, long look at allegations and rumors. And I, obviously, along with others in the White House, took a sigh of relief when he made the decision he made. And now we're going to move forward."
The Plamegate imbroglio gets curious and couriousier.

Can anyone say Federal Judge? All republicants have a price...I guess shrub found Fitzpatrick's.
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