Friday, June 09, 2006

"Baby Jessica" Got Married

In the mid-1980s, Baby Jessica, a precocious toddler fell in an abandoned well in Midland, Texas; and as a nation watched and prayed, Baby Jessica was stuck inside the well for 58 hours.

Well, People Magazine via Capitol Annex writes that baby Jessica is all grown up and married. In late January 2006, Jessica McClure, the real name of Baby Jessica who is now 19-years old, married Daniel Morales at a "rural church outside Midland."

Howling Latina realizes this isn't exactly breaking news; but for folks old enough to remember the tragic incident who might from time to time wonder what ever became of Baby Jessica, now you know.

And for readers too young to know what HL is talking about, Little Baby Jessica has a Web site with a timeline and links chronicling her history.

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