Friday, June 23, 2006

Are We Laughing Yet...?

After the latest Wall Street/Zogby poll showed George Felix Allen ahead of Jim Webb by 5.3 percent, looks like Allen's campaign strategy is to attack the pollster.

Hey, when you're going down, you'll try anything...

The Daily Press reports that "Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams...called the Zogby poll "a joke.''

Yep, according to Wadhams "Zogby has been 'discredited'' and...the Wall Street Journal should be 'embarrassed' for printing the poll.

A joke and an embarrassment; are we having a vexing belly laugh yet?!?

John Zogby says Allen campaign attacks on the result of the latest Wall Street Journal/Zogby Interactive poll are "over the top.''
Mr. Zogby then went on to say, ""Attack dogs don't attack unless they are scared.''

Shitless out of their $1500 cowboy boots, Howling Latina might add.

They must be scared ... attacking the most credible polling company in the nation!

I don't know that I'd call Zogby the most credible polling firm in the nation, but they certainly aren't chumps. And their results in this case aren't that far off of Rasmussen's results a couple of weeks earlier.

While any June poll can only mean so much, this one can't make Allen's people happy. There is a reason the Allen campaign is spinning like crazy to try to discredit this one. It is very bad news for the faux cowboy.
The one thing you can always count on from republicants is that if things aren't going their way just attack the messenger. Doesn't matter who or what they will attack and smear it. Haven't we all seen enough of this foolishness? Haven't enough of our institutions and fellow citizens been soiled by this filthy bunch?
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