Friday, June 16, 2006

Another GOPer Converts To Webb

Read it and weep, GOP wingnuts.

Another Republican has switched his allegiance.

The Free Lance-Star published an op-ed today from a male reader who lives in Sumerduck in Fauquier County. That's crimson red country, for folks who don't know.

And the reader shares with the audience that he has only twice voted for a Democrat: John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

He took the time from his schedule to trek to the voting booth and vote for Jim Webb in the Democratic primary on Tuesday; and what's more, he's voting for Webb in the fall.

Oh yea; listen to his reasons:

I can no longer support Sen. Allen, as I am convinced that he has abandoned middle-class Americans.

I believe Sen. Allen and his colleagues haven't lost touch with us--they just don't care.

I am convinced that they will never put the needs of the people they represent before their own self-interest.

It is time for a change, and I'm voting for James Webb in November.


It is essential that we all take action in November to take our country back from the professional politicians and get us back to the representative form of government our forefathers sacrificed to give us.

What was that garbage George Allen and his cronies were trying to spin about Webb and his elitist friends?!?

Hmmm, looks like they better dig a little deeper in their bag of dissembling. Virginians are never going to buy the "elitist" label on a war hero that wears combat boots on the campaign trail.

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