Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sweet and Delicious Irony

In a recent e-mail, NARAL ProChoiceAmerica announced good news for pro-choice Americans from South Dakota.

Thirty eight thousand voters, more than double the number of signatures needed, signed a petition to rescind the recent state legislation that bans ALL abortions in South Dakota.

Pro-choice supporters only needed 5 percent of total votes for governor during the last election to place the voter referendum on the ticket. Sweet victory is at hand with a simple majority.

You see, South Dakota ranks at the near top of all states in voter turnout, but with 38,000 signatures, or nearly 10 percent of total voter turnout during a presidential year, the referendum has an excellent chance of winning.

To begin with, supporters of the referendum probably only need 175,000 votes, maximum.

This number is based on voter turnout ratio equal to 2004, with an added margin for growth (i.e. 394,930 voters in 2004 times 5.5 growth based on voter registration differential between 2002 and 2004).

Gosh, Howling Latina feels wonky!

Supporters already have more than 20 percent of the needed total; and according to a San Francisco Chronicle article in April, “[a] statewide poll commissioned by abortion-rights activists last month found that 57 percent of voters want to overturn the ban.”

Oh how perfectly delicious!

The House and Senate in safe Democratic hands and the nutwing "religionist" faction of the Republican Party spanked by the very state that framed the media meme after Sen. Tom Daschle’s gut wrenching loss.

"Wonky" but wonderful news! I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to read all my email. I saw this come in, but hadn't read it. Thanks for the update!

Let's all have a party! Yipee, Yahoo! We might be able to kill little innocent babies!

But God forbid we better not kill a convicted murderer, they deserve better!

You are a sick twisted woman if you think that is sweet and delicious!

Oh how perfectly delicious!
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