Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Supplication for $$$

Well, Howling Latina finally received Sen. Elizabeth Dole's supplication to save America from the abyss.

You see, the Democratic Party has an evil stealth plan to win Congress in '06 and gasp, "initiate a long series of investigations and possible impeachment" of junior with an eye toward the presidency in '08.

Hmmm, no that's actually a page from the Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich and other fine GOP luminaries' dirty book of politics.

What Democrats really want is a solution to Bush's quagmire in Iraq, pro-active diplomacy in the Middle East, health insurance for all Americans, a safe environment, a real energy program, and accountability in the White House and Congress.

Dole's agony and anguish about her party's prospect is evident from her e-mail. She uses smoke and mirrors to project the truth about Republicans onto her political opponents.

Yes, according to Dole, Democrats "want to roll back the tax cuts." And what's more, these very same tax cuts are what "restored [the] economy and put an end to the Clinton recession."

What frigging recession?!? And what frigging gall!

Every economist agrees the United States during the 90s had a period of unprecedented growth. But when you have five years of dismal national and international policy failures, what else can you do but lie?

When Dole claims Democrats have "no legislative agenda" and then proceeds to beseech GOPers to contribute in order to stop any future Congress from oversight, HL agrees, Republicans need immediate help.

It is the kind Democrats will happily bestow next January. Democrats will show Republicans exactly how political parties should govern. Governance without tyranny. Solutions without sell-outs to corporate interests; and oversight without overreach.

Something totally lost in the current crop of GOPers in Congress; and something the gentle lady from North Carolina might want to deliberate with Republicans from a different political era for pointers.

You can't fool all the people all the tiime, and now some of the Republicans have gotten tired of their leadership's spin. They know its spin.
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