Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stale News on the Miller front

During the last week, Howling Latina had to finish two 18 to 20-page papers with little time to post on the goings-on of last weekend.

Yes, my candidate Shawn O'Donnell won the vote in Williamsburg and is going to be the Democratic candidate for the 1st district. But that was only part of the story.

Like a mad stalking boyfriend who won't go away, Harris Miller stayed for the entire affair, dinner and all; and he indelicately placed Miller bumper stickers on top of each table, as folks privately and not-so privately kept asking for Webb.

In fact, Howling Latina took a very informal poll in the lady's room and every person was a Webb supporter.

And after having to listen to Miller speak twice in one day on Saturday, HL was not looking forward to the pleasure of hearing Miller once again bloviate, this time at Fauquier's Supper Club meeting on Sunday.

Packed with a spread of shrimp, HL made it to the front of the yard. But with all those Miller signs, I just couldn't force myself on Mother's Day, my day, to have to endure any phony tete-a-tete with Miller.

So for the last week, HL has been munching on shrimp and furiously writing about the symbolism of a rosebush, white pearls and Lord knows what else for school.

So folks, that's all HL has to report.

Oh wait, for Webb fans, an e-mail is making its round to Fauquier Democrats asking them not to buy the slick outsourced donkey from Harris Miller; and yes, it paints a gory picture of his past statements and lobbying.

But more on the e-mail tomorrow.

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