Sunday, May 21, 2006

Silver Wedge Bullet Is a Dud

Howling Latina has been shouting from every mountaintop; the GOP ploy of using immigration as a wedge issue was going to boomerang right in their racist face.

The maxim that you can’t please all the people some of the time, or some of the people all the time has come to roost.

Bush can’t seem to please ANYONE! His position is too nuanced, you know, something John Kerry might have divined in '04.

So Latinos are now mad at Republicans for the Draconian bill recently passed by the GOP House; and the over-the-top racist rhetoric used by some of their members.

Conservatives are ticked off because Junior is too much of a "compassionate conservative" when it comes to them nasty brown "fehreigners."

Like Al Frankin, HL finds herself in unusual agreement with Bush; and like Frankin noted on his radio show, if conservatives truly want to stem the flow of illegal aliens, just have the Social Security Administration look up businesses with more than 100 unmatched social security numbers, year in and year out, audit them, fine them, and if they must, jail a few.

Too harsh? Then GOP wingnuts, don't say another damn word about illegal aliens!

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