Sunday, May 21, 2006

Racist GOP Target Marketing

Earth to GOPers, your national party is racist; and if you don't believe me, read on.

The latest proof is the story of Bennie Thompson, an African-American legislator in an overwhelmingly Democratic district in Mississippi; his light skinned opponent is the GOP favorite.

You see, rather than run a Republican who would surely lose, the GOP is running a "Democrat" better to their liking.

Nothing wrong with that, HL supposes; every person has a right to run and root for their own dog in whatever political fight they choose.

But what is truly inescapably racist and evil is that some newly GOP spawned group, calling itself Citizens for Better Representation, is now straight-out asking "all registered Republican white voters to vote against Thompson in the primary."

And for good measure, they also decided to send a lovely mailing featuring a "white farmer" and a "white business woman" to African-Americans with incomes over $50,000.

Read it and weep, fellow Democrats and believers in the divine spirit of all humanity.

Objective: Defeat Bennie Johnson in the June 6 Democratic Primary.
This election will determine who will represent the 2nd Congressional
District for the next two years.

Strategy: Call on all registered Republican white voters to vote in the June 6 Democratic Primary. The following marketing tools will be utilized.

1. Approximately 100,000 8" X 12" full color postcards will be mailed 2 times to households with a $50,000 + income. Using this income level will target our defined market.

A. The first mailing will be a white farmer testimonial emphasizing the key talking points.

B. The second mailing will be a white business woman testimonial emphasizing the key talking points.

Well, here's a few questions from Howling Latina about the white farmer and the white businesswoman.

What in the name of heaven has the GOP done for businesswomen who still make 50 percent less than men? Or for the white farmer, who saw his income go up by the measly sum of $763 during the last four years?!?

(The GOP talking points came from a post by The Stakeholder.)

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