Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our Non-Corruptible Majority Leader

During the last couple days, bloggers with elephant ears have been ecstatic about the latest news from an Associated Press shill.

The latest brouhaha stems from the fact that Sen. Harry Reid accepted ringside seats at several boxing matches, "as he was pressing legislation to increase government oversight of the sport, including the creation of a federal boxing commission that Nevada's agency feared might usurp its authority."

But guess what? We now learn that Reid took the seats all right, and then voted against the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Just as when he took the cash from Abramoff's client, "on behalf of sweatshop owners in the Northern Marianas," and then proceeded to vote against the legislation "Abramoff was pushing."

Of course, these pesky details were omitted in the article by the A/P hack hound. Blessedly, progressive blogger/journalist Paul Kiel sets the record straight.

a couple of tickets for a senator from nevada to a boxing match vs. a vast network of curruption with tenacles in indian gaming, murder for hire, and millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for voting consideration, and whose principle player had documented access to the white house...in gambling i believe they call tha a push..
That's "Minority" Leader, unless you are being (rightfully) optimistic and forward-thinking.

I've also noticed that the "vote against" angle is getting pick up in Nevada. This could work to Reid's advantage.

Read my next post about GOPers leaving the sinking ship and switching party allegiances!
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