Sunday, May 28, 2006

News Hacks on Steroid

Weighing in this morning, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a column about the distasteful tone of the Senate Democratic primary campaign.

Just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, bears shit in the woods and fish swim in water, each and every campaign cycle elicits the same tired bag of clueless garbage from some newshound.

The latest incantation came by way of a recent column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Now considering how the newspaper endorsed the Republican candidate at the top of every Republican ticket for statewide office since forever, please forgive Howling Latina if she’s a little cynical about their latest faux outrage.

Jerry Kilgore for governor in 2005? Check
John Warner for senator in 2002? Check
James Early for governor in 2001? Check
George Allen for senator in 2000? Check
James Gilmore for governor in 1997? Check
John Warner for senator in 1996? Check

And sprinkled between their endorsements were calls for civility, of course.

The paper's credibility for "fair" reporting is more than a little skewed when the only examples cited in the column are Webb slapping down Miller for interrupting. You know, kinna like when Ronald Reagan had his "grab the microphone incident" on his way to the White House.

Yes, mean nasty Webb and his supporters are mean and nasty to Harris Miller and his gang of toadies; never mind that Schumer directed his initial arrow of ire straight at Miller's dissembling heart.

Well add Howling Latina to the hall of bad manners when she proudly proclaims that the hatchet job, er, I mean column by Times-Dispatch, is like steroids in print, an extra muscleman by ringside pounding the dog crap out of an opponent; and in plain site of the audience.

Virginia bloggers are passionate about James Webb and will not suffer fools or liars gladly by Miller or anyone else.

RTD is not even pretending anymore. They would prefer Miller to win but its not going to happen.
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