Friday, May 26, 2006

Musings from a Liberal

Howling Latina has the core belief that if criminals pose no threat to society, there are better ways for society to exact justice than hard prison time for every law breaker.

And in keeping with my worldview, HL hopes the judge in Houston shows mercy to Kennie-boy and his pal Jeffey Skilling.

Although millions of lives were affected by the implosion of Enron, and thousands of people lost their life savings, plenty of folks who did a whole lot of worst (like lie us into war, order-up torture, trash the Constitution, and so on) are still walking the free earth.

Personally, I think Lay and Skilling should have to do community service and no hard prison time; for what does vengeance profit a society when true justice is better served through mercy?

My thoughts on the matter are that every individual possesses a redemptive spirit; and each person should have the chance to amend past wrongs through atoning good deeds.

There are ample ways Lay and Skilling can put their knowledge to work on behalf of people in Harris County, Texas and America.

glad to see you're a southern baptist.

same here.
Who cares.

Whatever they get, Bush will just pardon them.
"Who cares.

Whatever they get, Bush will just pardon them."

For a small donation.
I dunno guys; there are an awful lot of folks queuing up to the "pardon" line.

Remember, Bush cut Kennie loose a long, long time ago.
You know in ancient Rome there were slaves who did every concievable job for no pay including accountants, bankers, architects, scribes..."White collar" occupations.

Now I do not support involuntary servitude in any fashion for free people. However, the same doesn't apply for convicted criminals. Time served can and has been used to do work for ages (think chain gangs & trustees.) Why shouldn't we have white-collar chain-gangs for white-collar convicts. (This idea is even endorsed in the Constitution.)

Lay and Skilling may spend the rest of their lives in prison. Why not get something out of them to pay back society and reimburse the tax payers for their housing and our various trial fees?
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