Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Minute Slapdown by McCain

Oh goodness. DailyKos reports that Sen. John McCain cancelled his scheduled fundraiser for Brian Bilbray, the guy who is trying to win the ol’ Dukester's California seat in next Tuesday’s special election against Francine Busby.

Fox 6 in San Diego writes that McCain's "proposal to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship was incorporated into the final version of a bill approved by the Senate last week. And very unwisely Bilbray "called the bill 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants."

Since McCain agrees with Busby's position, it looks like Mr. Straight Talk didn't like all that nasty talk about the Senate’s version of how best to stop folks from crossing our borders; and pulled the plug to his "Express" cash register right out.

Oh yes, Howling Latina can clearly see how the illegal immigrant issue is a political boon for Republicans. After all, it was the perfect blessing for former Republican candidate for governor Jerry Kilgore last fall!

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