Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kiss It!

The recent op-ed by Richard Viguerie in the Washington Post created major buzz that a staunch conservative should label Pres. George Bush as a traitor to the conservative movement.

You see, Viguerie served with Ronald Reagan. Viguerie knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of his; and Dubya, you ain’t no Ronald Reagan!

Any lucid person who reads Viguerie’s verbal slap down has to realize that he has no one to blame for his disappointment but himself; especially since according to Viguerie, he never fully supported Bush; it was merely a political wedding of expediency.

Republicans were desperate to retake the White House, conservatives were desperate to get the Clinton liberals out and there was no direct heir to Reagan running for president. So most conservatives supported Bush as the strongest candidate -- some enthusiastically and some, like me, reluctantly.
Oh dear rabid Republicans, don't cha know, marrying for money or power usually brings heartbreak!

And as for the electoral wins in ’04, social conservatives pad themselves a little too much on the back for the wins. Had it not been for 9/11, does anyone truly think that the GOP would have picked up Senate seats and the White House?

Even then, it took a little chicanery of the DeLay kind to pick up seats in the House. Lest not forget but for DeLay’s redistricting ploy, GOPers actually lost a House seat in ’04.

Sometimes Howling Latina is baffled by the undue influence of Dixie on the electoral map; it seems every Democratic presidential candidate has to bow at the “bubba” feet of Dixie in order to be anointed and then go on to lose anyway.

Just for once, HL would like to see a Democrat run as a progressive and tell flag-waving, beer-guzzling, wife-beating Jim Crow to kiss his or her Yankee, Midwest or Pacific ass.

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