Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Harris Miller Missing

In the latest Wall Street Journal poll via MyDD, the only poll numbers on the front page are for Webb and Allen. To see Miller's numbers, you have to click one additional time.

Allen leads Webb by a measly 7.2 percent, 48.9 percent to 41.7; and that's without Virginians knowing a whole lot about James Webb.

Allen leads Miller 49.9 percent to 38 percent.

Stick a fork, Webb's winning, ALL THE WAY!

You maywant to withdraw this post. That poll is from Mar. 30, 2006. Hardly new.
I know, but...it was up on MyDD so I thought I'd talk about it some more:)
Ok, I'll acknowledge it's not recent. But 7 points against a popular incumbent is something to take notice of.

Right now most voters tune out and only hardcore activists vote in primaries in the summer.

I think Webb will be an attractive enough candidate to really give Allen a challenge. He has the best shot of winning.

For all our rhetoric on the blogs, you know what it'll really come down to?

Some ordinary person deciding which candidate is most like them, and will have their (the voters') interests at heart and understand them. And if Webb can connect with voters on that level, plus get out the message of his accomplishments and his issues, I think he can win it.
So...? Its in the margin of error. One candidate polls 3% better and you say that its done? Far from it. Get ready b/c Miller is going to be our guy come June 14th.
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