Sunday, May 28, 2006

Great News for Webb

The latest Survey USA poll has grrreat news for James Webb, in spite of what Spark it Up has to say on the subject.

It shows Republicans are petrified of him.

Spark it Up points to the increase in Webb’s unfavorable rating by 7 percent during the past month; and professes to devine the numbers show that the better people get to know Webb, the less they like him.

Yep, especially all those partisan GOPers.

Sparkie's post reminded Howling Latina of a Miller supporter who came to her site and chastised HL for not quoting the full Tom Davis commentary in an earlier post.

The missing comment was Davis saying how surprised he was that Webb was running for the Senate seat.

Sure he was, in the sense that Davis didn’t give the Democratic Party enough credit to be able to recruit such an eminently qualified candidate whose strengths directly scored against Allen's weaknesses.

Oh, and that I had failed to write about how worried Davis was that poor Webb was "completely unfamiliar" with the harsh realities of a statewide campaign; please save the phony concern.

Before John Warner ran and won his current Senate seat, the senior senator from Virginia pretty much had the same credentials as Webb, minus the metals on his chest.

Dollars to a donut, any Republican who votes in the Democratic primary against party dictum and threat of future voting privilege loss, will vote for Miller.

Fortunately, many GOP voters don't even know there is a Democratic primary in June; or who the strongest candidate against Allen is; we'll make our direct pitch to them after the primary!

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