Saturday, May 20, 2006

GOP Sunday at "Meet the Press"

This Sunday Tim Russert will feature three GOPers, who presumably are the voices from their party.

First up at bat is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to spin, er, I mean talk about the goings-on in Iraq, the Iranian menace and government snooping.

In the second segment Republican Sen. Lindsey Grahma of South Carolina and Republican Rep. Charlie Norwood of Georgia will duke it out with their different versions of how to fix the illegal immigration problem (that until recently was not perceived as a problem at all).

This contrived crisis is a bunch of malarkey. Why if every illegal alien were to be deported, Wall Street would plunge; and a few crimson red states like Texas would lose House seats; and the GOP faithful would cry.

Like my brethren Sen. Robert Menendez said in a recent interview, if you're really interested in protecting the border against terrorists, you better send out the National Guard up North.
“Why not send the National Guard to the Canadian border, too? All the 9/11 terrorists entered our country through Canada, not Mexico”.
Muy inteligente este senador.

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