Monday, May 01, 2006

Full Transcript of Steve Colbert in Washington

Thanks to Firedoglake via Democratic Underground, the full transcript of Steve Colbert at the White House correspondent dinner last Saturday is available.

Enjoy! It's a total hoot of "
truthiness." But alas, the media followed the soiree with a day-after gnashing of teeth over the irreverant tone and right-on cruel brutal truth.

It seems media elites were a teeny bit uncomfortable with Colbert calling them on their bullshit and highfalutin' ways in Washington. Here's what Video Dog via
Dan Froomkin had to say on the subject:

"The proof of his accuracy lies in how badly the . . . Washington press corps reacted. After all, this wasn't the usual baby-soft slapstick they usually get at the correspondents' dinner . . . [F]or the most part the press sat on their hands -- while just moments before, they were laughing uproariously at President Bush's incredibly lame skit with a Bush impressionist. That was Colbert's real feat: Showing us the real Washington media world, where everyone worries so much about offending someone, anyone , that the least bit of frank talk turns them into obedient little church mice."

Of course, conservative hacks claimed the skit wasn't funny. You read it, and then tell me if you weren't rolling on the floor with belly-bursting tears in your eyes.

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