Monday, May 22, 2006

Did Mark Warner Endorse Webb?!?

In trying to catch up with the news from last week, Howling Latina came across an article by The Frontrunner of Bulletin News Network, Inc.

The article dated May 16 recaps an Associated Press story and says:
Sen. George Allen "had hoped for an easy slide to re-election and, from there, a launching pad to the presidency. So far, it hasn't worked out that way." Allen "faces a surprisingly tough re-election campaign that is keeping him pinned down in his state while other Republican presidential hopefuls traverse Iowa, New Hampshire and other important places in the 2008 nomination fight. Just as worrisome, the Senate campaign has already dredged up a few unpleasant issues - both personal and political - that could shadow his plans for 2008."
Hmmm, must be referring to that nasty business with the flag, whips and all.

The Vienna Virginia news wire service then goes on to recap an earlier Washington Post story and writes:
Webb convincing the national Democratic leadership that he offers the best chance to defeat" Allen, "and Miller calling in chits among party activists with whom he has served for decades to show he represents the constituencies necessary for Democrats to win in the fall." Webb has received the backing of, among others, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd (D) and ex-Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D).
Does anyone know if this is accurate? Did I miss something while diligently working on a couple of end-of-semester research papers?!? Or this a monumental factual error by the news organization?!?

Probably a mistake that many people seem to be making recently. After the Warner fundraiser, a lot of people now think Warner supports Webb. It's just like earlier in the year, when Warner did a fundraiser for Miller. Everybody thought Warner was for Miller.

I think the ex-Governor is neutral. He'll campaign for either winner.
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