Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bombs Away

A recent survey of readers, the self-described "America's news page," asked a series of questions on the subject of Iran; and whether the United States should use force to halt their nuclear program.

Here are the questions and answers from the batwings of America.

1. Are U.S. "efforts to contain Iran's nuclear weapons program...working?
Yes: 7 percent No: 93 percent

2. Should the U.S. "rely solely on the U.N. to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program?"
Yes: 11 percent No: 89 percent

3. Does Iran "pose a greater threat than Saddam Hussein...before the Iraq War?"
Yes: 88 percent No: 12 percent

4. Should the U.S. use "military action against Iran to stop their program?"
Yes: 77 percent No: 23 percent

5. Who should lead in taking "military action against Iran first?"
U.S.: 45 percent Israel: 35 percent Neither: 20 percent

The vote is still ongoing; make your vote count!

Did you see who the advertisements are for at Newsmax? I think we can get some sense that this is anything but a good survey.
I report, you decide:)
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