Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Allen Burnishing His Credentials with the “Lou Dobbs” GOP Wing

Sen. George Felix Allen is not going to vote for no compromise immigration bill, got it?

Yes, even though Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a 2008 presidential hopeful told The Hill in a recent interview that he will likely support the measure.

But not our principled law and order, Confederate flag-waving, tough-on crime senator (except when it’s a GOPer). It’s all about the rule of law.

Our suddenly bashful, reticent senator gave a “short interview” with little to add to the discussion:

“It rewards illegal behavior,” he repeated yet one more time, "emphasizing that the borders need to be secured first.”

Oh what a bunch of dog dung!

The borders will never be secure. Build a wall, they’ll dig a tunnel. Slap heavy penalties on employers, watch your corporate bankroll halt. Jail immigrants, watch border states go Democratic; and yes, that includes all-important Florida.

In other words, immigration hysteria is the racial dog that just won’t hunt no more! Hell, even nutwing Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas plans to vote for the bill.

Well, for Allen’s sake, let’s hope this nasty Senate immigration business is over with by mid-June so he can show his smiley face and schmooze and grovel with Iowa Republicans; and try to win their racist heart for his would-be presidential run.

But only one problem. Just like former Gov. Mark Warner said at a recent James Webb’s fundraiser, "We can't get rid of this president in 2006…[b]ut we can make sure that we ... replace those members of Congress who vote with this president in an overwhelming majority of the time with new fresh members of the Congress and the United States Senate who will set this country in a new direction."

And that’s why Allen WILL BE defeated in November; his tired campaign strategy of dividing the electorate by race has grown exceedingly stale and old.

Don't be too surprised if farmers and small business owners pony-up ($$$$) for James Webb in the fall.

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