Monday, April 10, 2006

Who is Harris Miller?!?

Reading all the catty posts to and fro from Miller and Webb supporters (and yes, that included mine), I decided to do a little digging around and find out the scoop on the poop, as it were, about Harris Miller.

Using my favorite research tool, my dear friend LexisNexis, I learned that Miller received 25 of 53 votes for the 10th District Democratic nomination back in 1984; lost the primary to John P. Flannery who then went on to lose to Frank Wolf in the general election by 61-to-39 percent, but not before Miller was quoted in a Washington Post article with a pretty clever slam against Wolf:
Wolf is like Hsing-Hsing, the National Zoo's male panda who remains childless after a decade of mating seasons--soft and cuddly, fuzzy around the edges and "when it really counts, he can't get the job done."
OUCH! Harris can be nasty (not necessarily a bad thing).

I also learned that Miller was a former Capitol Hill consultant; political scientist; Carter administration official,; aide to then-Gov. Gerald Baliles; former Fairfax Democratic Party Chairman; former lobbyist to farmers and the Business Immigration Coalition; chairman of The Northern Virginia council of the American Heart Association; Virginia lottery official; adviser to Lt. Gov. Donald S. Beyer Jr., president of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a computer interest group; U.S. representative for the World Congress on Information Technology; and president of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance, a 28-country federation of national technology associations;

Finally, here are a few lines from an earlier Washington Post story that paraphrased Miller as regards outsourcing.
Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, said companies could suffer if they are unable to use cheaper foreign workers to stay competitive.

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