Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thelma Drake Poll Numbers Plunge

Oh my, looks like after started airing ads showing what Congresswoman Thelma Drake has been up to, like supporting Bush's disastrous prescription drug bill, and rubber stamping White House policies and the wreckless agenda pushed by the GOP leadership in Congress, folks back home are starting to wizen up.

Since the ad campaign began, Representative Thelma Drake lost nine points. Tracking polls were "conducted by Voter Roll Call, an affiliate of the nation’s largest media polling firm, SurveyUSA."

"Last month, MoveOn ran ads showing Rep. Drake’s addiction to oil company money while we pay more at the pump. Today, we see that she also sides with big drug companies while some seniors have to chose between paying their rent and paying for medication,” said Guy Sturino, a MoveOn member and community leader who has lived and worked in Virgina’s 2nd district for more than 10 years.

“We need someone who’ll represent the people of the 2nd District of Virginia, not the big drug companies who fund Congresswoman Drake’s campaigns,” he concluded.

Give away tax breaks for Big oil, ruinous prescription bill favoring the drug industry, no bid contracts to Halliburton, a total culture of corruption in Washington, and voters in Virginia Beach are saying "ENOUGH!"

Maybe the next issue of Congressional Quarterly will show the 2nd district going from "Republican favored" " to "leans Republican." And with time to "no clear favorite" to "leans Democrat" to "Democrat favored," especially with Phil Kellam in the race.

Phil Kellam wins by 5+. That's my call now, especially if Webb wins the nomination.
Here's Drake on price gouging... "I think it's important that we find out if they're acting even-handedly. I think there's a great deal of concern about retirement packages that were so exhorbitant and to wonder why is something like that happening?"

I think this race and the US Senate will be bellweather races for the nation. Allen and Drake are two of the most arch-conservative, Bush-lovin' radicals in Congress. As the tide turns more and more against Bush, and the radical conservative agenda so will the tide turn against Allen and Drake.

Kellam and Webb are the kind of powerful, passionate, positive, Democrats who stand up for what they believe and believe in what they're doing.

Two more examples of Republicans who try to look tough running in to Democrats who actually are.
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