Friday, April 28, 2006

NeoCon Alert - GOP Losing the House in the Fall

Neocon Bill Kristol was a guest on the "Steve Cobert Report" last night. And yes, he still believes going to war with Iraq was a great idea, just not its piss-poor execution.

And of course, we need to keep our options open in Iran; and, oh, and by the bye, Republicans are going to lose the House in November.

WHAT?!? oh no, he did not say THAT!

Yep, and what's more, Kristol tells Republicans not to worry about the prospect of losing but to rejoice instead. You see, the loss is going to be the next best thing since, well, since we liberated IRAQ!

With Nancy Pelosi as Majority Leader, Charles Rangel as chairman of Ways and Means, John Conyers at Judiciary, John Dingell at Energy and Commerce, Henry Waxman at Government Reform and Louise Slaughter at Rules Committee, the country will get to see what terrible, horrible legislators the Democrats are and overwhelmingly vote for a Republican president in '08; and a Republican Congress.

SURE...just keep telling yourself that...over and a sacred prayer from your neocon Bible to the neocon gods; but in the meantime, keep that list of all those top-dollar Democratic lawyers handy.

: )
Bill Kristol and his neocon buddies do not care about America -- they care only for themselves and to promote their delusional agenda. Whatever Kristol yaps about almost always is complete rubbish.

Contrary to what he says, Democrats have a steep hill to climb due to GOP gerrymandering.
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