Friday, April 21, 2006

Ho-Hum, Meet the Press Guest List

"Meet the Press" announced the lineup for this coming Sunday.

Fresh from his ongoing book tour, Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Joining him are Tony Blankley, former Press Secretary to House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Washington Times editorial page editor and Republican blowhard, David Broder, columnist for the Washington Post, Ron Brownstein, columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Dee Dee Myers, former press secreary to President Bill Clinton and contributing editor of Vanity Fair Magazine.

This edition will be a gabfest to bloviate about the latest so-called White House 'shake-up' and what it means.

Well, it means Cheney is still there; Rove is still there; Rumsfeld is still there; Rice is still there; and worst of all, Bush is still there.

In this week's announcement, NBC was a little more discreet with their sponsorship blurb, which like last week and the week before that is Boeing Company and its 153,000 proud employees; no mention until the very bottom of the e-mail; and no link, just Web site address.

Tim Russert is hurting for guests now that all the Repubs are in trouble. MTP used to pride itself on being able to land the 'biggest names' in politics. And it was no wonder, given that the guest would get an hour to spew their propaganda. Now all the usual suspects are just that ... suspects in one Grand Jury investigation or another ...

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