Saturday, April 22, 2006

High and Dry Machinations at Virginia's Shad Planking

Rep. Tom Davis from the 10th District was looking for votes in Wakefield at Virginia's 58th annual Shad Planking.

Raising his state profile for a possible senate run in Virginia when either John Warner retires or George Allen goes on to bigger and grander things (ooh, what a horrid thought), Davis headed to Wakefield and was busy giving interviews to national media and news reporters from across the state.

"We're seeking to expand our base,' Davis declared." And it looks like part of his strategy is to run away from the White House, George Allen and the Republican Party as fast as his political legs will carry him.

Only last month, Davis was quoted by the Washington Post saying of the White House, "This is probably the worst administration ever in getting Congress's opinion on anything."

And in talking with the Daily Press, Davis wistfully looked over to Webb's table and praised his supporters who had previously lined up 7500 Webb signs along Route 628 "from U.S. Route 460 to the Wakefield Sportsman's Club."

He also issued a warning to the junior senator and would-be presidential candidate, "Th[is] atmosphere has potential for greater impact in a Senate race than one for the House."

In other words, don't count your presidential chickens before your senate eggs hatch. And of Webb's enthusiastic volunteers, Davis said:

"They started doing this two days ago, and they're all volunteers," he said, pointing at a crowd that was mostly young and that included many military veterans.One of them was William Edwards of Alexandria, who said he had spent a tour in Iraq in 2003-04, fighting in a war that Webb vehemently opposes.
In a bit of irony, an Allen supporter with an "Allen for Senate" bumper sticker and a "red Allen sign...upright in the truck bed" had out-of-state tags from Iowa; it was unfavorably parked right next to the Webb volunteer's rental truck and duly noted by the Daily Press reporter.


There is a catchy campaign slogan for both Allen and Davis, "Vote for us so we can continue to screw you over, only on a grander scale in '08."

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