Wednesday, April 19, 2006

George Allen Upset

Wah, wah.

Sen. George Allen is upset because seven mean "retired generals...issued a public call for the resignation of U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld."

Allen said that folks are just piling on the poor president.

The Daily Telegraph wrote a 174 word article about White House claims, er, I mean Pentagon claims in a "one-page memo saying Rumsfeld had met repeatedly with military advisers from 2005" to today.

Senior military leaders ''are involved in an unprecedented degree in every decision-making process,'' the memo says.Richard Myers, the air force general who was chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2001 to 2005, said Mr Rumsfeld allowed ''tremendous access'' for military brass to present their arguments about war strategy.
Sure, but just because you meet with Pentagon officials, doesn't mean you heed their warnings.

Hell, just a few months ago, Pres. George Bush met with former secretaries of state to get advice, but the only advice that seems to have broken through our 'I'm the Decider' president is how best to pose for the next day's front pages.

And I just love the way this administration quashes discontent with non sequiturs. The point is not whether Pentagon officials met or did not meet with Rumsfeld; of course he probably convened with SOMEBODY from the Pentagon; the question is what advice did they give him, did he follow it, and why or why not.

Rubber stamp Allen chimed in with yet another idiotic sentiment and quote. A new secretary of state is not going to stop the insurgency in Iraq, he opined; and what's more, "people are searching for a ''scapegoat'', that's all.

Nah, you think?!?

Thanks for stating the obvious, senator; and another non sequitur. It's about ACCOUNTABILITY!

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