Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gasoline Tax Holiday

Sen. Robert Menendez has proposed “suspending the 18.4 cent federal gas tax for 60 days and repealing several billion-dollar tax giveaways to major oil companies.”

It’s the
Menendez Federal Gas Tax Holiday Amendment, a nifty "short-term measur[e] geared toward easing the strain of energy costs already placed on American families.”

Now that's what I call a REAL TAX CUT; and not too shabby of a way to show Americans what the Democratic Party stands for!

Please immediate go to
Give ’Em Hell Harry and sign the citizen co-sponsorsing petition; if not, then don’t bitch about high gasoline prices. Also write your senators and demand their strong support.

Way to go, Señor Menendez, that’s one measure that's sure to raise your profile and endear yourself to voters.

Hat tip to
Pocho Hour of Power via Ricardo.

(Crosspost with The Virginia Progressive)

Perhaps you should reserve your praise for his proposal until you read about his "chutzpah"...
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