Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Frigging Jesus

After reading Raising Kaine's comment about Wonkette dissing James Webb, I thought I would go to Wonkette's Web site and let them know what a bunch of asses I think they are.

But guess what?!?

No posting except by invitation. You must be part of some exclusive chummy club in order to leave a comment.

Guess cyberspace is getting more and more elitist; you know, like mainstream media.

Well here's one from the Howling Latina to your perverted, falsely named Wonkette, get over yourselves; and then Go Cheney Yourself!

Can you say Go Cheney yourself on the Internets?

For the NSA guys that are now recording all this, just remember that neither Howling Latina nor myself have forgotten Poland
Wow, that's so screwed up!

No wonder the DC inner circle is so out of touch with America.
Frank Sinatra's daughter Nancy had a song about wearing boots. The boots were to walk all over someone...

Jim Webb may not have intended it, but his boots are gonna walk all over Harris Miller and Jim Allen...
I thought anyone could register and comment. Surely if I can, anyone can.

Myself, I think they are making a big deal out of nothing. Wonkette has always been about superficial snark, although much more clever by Cox.

If they Webb people can't take this, how are they going to get to November?
Alice, you are a proud member of the FCDC.

Don't believe me, go in there and try to register to post.
Have I got that right, you are talking about RK, not Wonkette??????????????
No, I am talking about Wonkette.
Just shut the hell up Alice.
Webb will crush miller:

My family had a rule in debate, the first one who resorted to attacks or telling someone to "shut the hell up" was the loser.

Honestly, you just don't seem bright enough to have a conversation. Please go back to the children's table until you can learn to use your words correctly.
No, I am talking about Wonkette.


that makes sense, Nick Denton is a jerk.
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