Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Frank Wolf Supports Paper Trail

Roll Call (subscription required) reported last week that Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia came out in full support of H.R. 550, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, sponsored by Rep. Rush Holt of New Jesey.

The law would require all voting machines to generate a "voter-verified paper record of each vote cast" in federal elections.

The bill has 175 co-sponsors. Now let's just see if it ever sees the light of day and reaches the House floor for a vote.

In other news, a Wolf spokesman dismissed any worries about the upcoming election against Judy Feder of the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute and "close [ally] to former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. "

While Wolf may not admit angst, even the congressman has to admit that the recent transportation stand-off in Richmond does not bode well for Northern Virginia Republicans.

Gov Tim Kaine's big win last November was partly due to his focus on transportation; and now with the impasse, Wolf is trying to separate himself from his obstructionist fellow GOP'ers. His chief of staff, Dan Scandling, reminded Roll Call what a great friend of roads voters in Virginia have had in the past.
Transportation trumps everything in Northern Virginia," Scandling said. "And no one has a better record and has been more involved in working to solve transportation problems in Northern Virginia than Frank Wolf."
Hmmm, the record shows Wolf voted with the president in last year's give-away to the oil industry; and not a penny to states for roads.

In fact, the record shows that
Wolf rubber stamped White House policies 86 percent of the time; and House leaders, 90 percent of the time.

So forget soccer moms; NASCAR dads; moral values voters. It's now the suburbs and suburbania mania: transporation, gas prices, Iraq; and accountability for Wolf's unswerving support of the worst president in American history.

WOOHOO! Nice job. I'm working on some attack points againt Wolff. Btw, you're a badass and I love you. :)
I commend Wolf for supporting the Voter Verified Ballots. I really do, but it is interesting that he has decided finally to support this in an election year.

I have written Wofl at least 4 times on exactly this issue,to ask him to support the bill. I started writing probably 1.5 years ago (just after the bill was written). I got one response back from Wolf. It basically said "Blah blah biddly bidle blah blah blah ....NO. But thanks for writing."

Funny how elections "moderate" the stances of pretty extreme candidates.
Kirk, at least you got one response - he never responded to my three letters (one on that Tauzin-Dingell Broadband Bill, one on the approval for the War on Iraq, and one for Verified Voting). I guess he knows he does not represent me.

Even Tom Davis (same party, one district over, used to live in his district) responded to all three of those same letters (the districts are so gerrymandered around here I frequently write to both of them).
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