Sunday, April 30, 2006

D-Day Set for Tomorrow

Jolly, jolly, tomorrow is D-Day for immigrant workers and the rest of the country.

To protest the harsh immigration law passed by the House last December and to prove to the nation just how valuable their labor is to the U.S. economy, thousands upon thousands of Latino, Chicano and Hispanic workers plan to stay home tomorrow.

Across the land, they will march in "rallies and other events...scheduled in at least 68 cities across 23 states."

The rally in Chicago is expected to be the largest one with numbers in the hundreds of thousands; and the one in Seattle is "expected to turn out...50,000."

Rallies in the East, according to the
Los Angeles Times, are "expected to be light." But heck, Howling Latina just might go to Washington, DC and say hello to her fellow "compadres." The Washington Post reported on Saturday that area business have "decided to close or scale back hours."

It seems, employers fully sympathize with laborers; and "in solidarity with their employees," who are "protest[ing] against legislation tightening U.S. borders and defining illegal immigrants as felons", were more than happy to accomodate their one-day strike.

So much for Sen. George Allen's latest canard about right-wing wackos like Limbaugh and Hannity having the pulse of the nation. Latinos are here to stay, Señor Allen, and all your bullshit about some damn "pedal to some metal" ain't gonna produce some mythical paddy wagon to transport the 12 million undocumented folks out of the United States.

One person that is going to be affected by a boycott is no other than the author of HR 4437 Rep. James Sensebrenner. Seems that his greatgrandfather Frank Sensenbrenner is not only credited with inventing some kind of sanitary napkin, but was vice president, then president of Kimberly Clark. Maker of such products like Kleenex, Huggies, Scott Paper towels, and Kotex.

Making Rep Sensenbrenner a family heir to a Kimberly Clark fortune.

So any lost of sales to Kimberly Clark is a reduction of funds for James Sensenbrenner to add for his growing stamp collection.
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