Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cubans Converting to Islam

Oh my god, what is this world coming to!

The Miami Herald reports today that a "small number of Cubans have embraced Islam, gathering for prayers and attending religious" services.

No, not in Miami, but in Cuba not-so-libre.

It seems Iranian diplomats have been busy converting the Havana heathens. The Iranian embassy sponsors outreach missions, and the Herald reports they want to build a mosque where they can worship properly.

There are about 16 Arab diplomatic missions in Havana [and[ the Iranian embassy plays the leading role in contacts with the local Muslims.


The mission created a writing contest about Iranian history, hopes to set up a ''reflection group'' on Islamic subjects and earlier this month hosted a reception to mark the anniversary of the birth of the prophet Mohammed.

By appointing "an official to work as liaison with the converts," tacit government approval is evident.

This is something definitely new; religion, condemned by Karl Marx as the "opiate of the masses" has always been discouraged by Cuban authorities for fear of "undermining" government "control over the island and its people."

Maybe Castro is getting religion in his old age and making peace with his maker; although in the past, Castro strongly supported Yasser Arafat and today has good relations with Arab nations, including Iran.

"opiate of the masses"
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