Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bush's Culture of Life - Take Off the Life Support

A patient in Houston is about to be zapped because she has bed sores.

A law in Texas allows Texas hospitals to withdraw life support if their "ethics committee" decides to give the go ahead.

Don't believe me?!?

Well, at St. Luke's Hospital in
Houston, a 54-year old who has health insurance went to the hospital for heart surgery, survived and then developed complications as well as bed sores.

The patient is not brain dead, and according to her family, she wants to live.


“They just say, ‘well she’s miserable.’ Well, to me that’s a quality of life decision that is up to her and her family,” Lanore Dixon said. “That is not a medical decision.”

Dixon is the patient's sister, Andrea Clark; and says Clark has communicated with her by blinking her eyes.

Never you mind, the insurance company and hospital are tired of taking care of her; and the only "requirement is that the hospital...give a family 10 days notice to find another facility that would care for their loved one."
“If their ethics committee makes a decision, it doesn’t matter what the patient wants,” Dixon said. “It doesn’t even apparently matter what the patient’s condition is, because our sister is not in a coma, she’s not brain dead,” Dixon said.
Yes siree, our man of God signed this nefarious bill into law in 1999, right before he ran for president as a compassionate conservative with his culture of life agenda. More proof that Bush is a Pharisee Christian; all public talk and no private deeds.

But as Easter Lemming News
points out, the left and right are in an uproar; as they should be!

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