Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Great Reason Why Democrats Will Take Back the House

In writing about the upcoming November elections and doing a little research on 2nd District Democratic candidate Phil Kellam, I couldn't help but notice how remarkably similar he looks to another Democrat from yet another 2nd District (Ohio), U.S. Marine Corps Major Paul Hackett.

I mean, Kellam looks totally GQ -- fresh shirt, nice tan, curly locks, tailored suit, starched white shirt.

Like Hackett, Kellam is running for office in a safe Republican District; but unlike Hackett, Kellam has the benefit of prior elective experience. He was elected to Virginia Beach's commissioner of the revenue in 1997.

Sorry boys and girls, no pictures; you gotta go visit his Web site if you want to find out what he looks like. And you may want to also drop in at Virginia Beach Dems; they have a couple of links to stories in CQ Politics about Kellam.

Phil Kellam has an excellent chance of seating Thelma Drake. Did you uncover in your research that Kellam's family practically founded Virginia Beach and that there is a high school in Virginia Beach by the name of Kellam High School? Kellam's name recognition is higher than Drake's.
Nope, the only thing I found in LexisNexis was the lame quote that he was "a member of the city's most prominent political family."

Boy, was that an UNDERSTATEMENT.
Thanks for the shout out. Yep, there's Kellam High School, where my son will go next year, Kellam Road, a Kellam bridge, Kellam Hardware, a law firm with a bunch of Kellams in it. But despite all that name recognition and despite the fact that the majority of the 2nd is in VB and VBers want that rep to be one of them, this won't be a free ride. As usual it'll take the winning over of Republicans to Phil's side to win this race. We've got to keep Thelma dearest tied hook line and sinker to the plummeting of George W. and Dick Cheney.
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