Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Allen and Drake Ain't Safe

Congressional Quarterly had a nice post on Virginia politics; although as usual, Democrats are predicted to lose in November.

Well, that’s what they said about Gov. Tim Kaine, and Mark Warner before him. At least CQ framed Webb and Miller as “creditable” candidates.

The article notes that Republicans are holding primaries in all but three districts: the 3rd and 9th districts. Democrats, on the other hand, are nominating their candidates in all districts but the 2nd, 8th, 10th and 11th districts.

Featured is the Thelma Drake against Democratic candidate Phil Kellam in Virginia Beach. CQ ranks the race as the most competitive one, garnering a “Republican favored” status. The good news is that the Senate race between Webb and Allen also ranks “Republican favored.”

In other words, Allen ain’t safe. Guess someone should tell him to wait until after the election before he goes across the country on his victory lap.

I hope Allen stays out of state and ignores us as much as possible. So much the better to get rid of him.
I recently walked into the ugly warehouse looking building called Manassas Park City Hall. And filled out a voter registration form, now I have my voters card.

In keeping with tradition of my abuelita Eva Ramos from San Antonio, Texas. I'll be voting all Democrat.

I'm going to encourge all my Latino friends to seek out their relatives, and friends that can vote. To register, and put a hurting on the GOP.
Adelante sin Alen.
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