Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uncle Sam and GI Joe Replaced by Uncle Chin and Brother Zhou

As Latin American countries try to extricate themselves from the weight of debt to Uncle Sam and military alliances with GI Joe, China is increasingly making inroads in our part of the world.

NewsMax reports that a three-year-old law has had very unpleasant and unintended consequences in a reverse-Midas touch schema where anything Bush touches turns from precious gold to worthless dung.

The pesky U.S. law that started the ball rolling is one that "mandates an end to military training in countries that refuse to exempt U.S. citizens overseas from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.” China patron saint.

China is training increasing numbers of Latin American military personnel, taking advantage of a three-year old U.S. law that has led to a sharp decline in U.S.-run training programs for the region, an Army general said Tuesday.


Twelve Latin American countries have declined to do so and are now subject to sanctions. Craddock testified that in 2003, a year before the law took effect, the United States trained 771 military personnel from countries that are now sanctioned. looks like lots of folks in Latin America are saying, "Hasta la Vista, baby." Guess Uncle Sam is finding out they are not the only country with guns, and GI Joe is not the only person who can teach military maneuvers.

Pobrecitos! Los Americanos. don’t wanna play by global rules!

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