Saturday, March 04, 2006

Twenty-First Century Cinderella Story

The most creative article about Ana Nicole Smith this past week was written by Norm Ornstein via Huffington Post with the following lede, "Anna Nicole Smith Announces Engagement to John Paul Stevens." It's a capering hoot!

But seriously, after reading a number of news articles on the subject, it seems the Supremes are favorably predisposed towards the side of the former playboy pinup. She is in a nasty $2.2 billion brawl with her 67-year-old step-son.

Oh for heaven's sake, Pierce, give her the cash. It's not like you need it all. Besides, like Justice David Souter said, all the poor child wants is "the money [she] would have had" if her hubby had lived long enough.


A.) She is in an $88 million brawl B.) Pierce should not give a proven purjuror any cash C.) There is no cash to give her only physical assets D.) Souter was talking about the character of torts versus will chanllenges not adovocating giving her cash.
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