Friday, March 10, 2006

Sen. George 'Gomer Pyle' Allen

Our intrepid traveling senator is taking time off from his 2008 presidential campaign to chat-up his nice guy persona with his "good-old" boy accent and idiom.

Allen and Sen. Joe Biden will be guests on "Meet the Press" er, I mean, "Meet the Press with Tim Russert," along with retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Bernard Trainor and New York Times Military Correspondent Michael Gordon, who jointly wrote, "Cobra II: The Inside of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq."

Hopefully their book is not yet another shrine to the dogged steadfastness and resolve of the Bush administration leading up to the Iraqi War.

Allen, along with just about every Republican who is running in 2008, is in Memphis at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. A straw poll will be taken at the end of evening on Saturday; and by Sunday, we should know who won.

Ay Dios Mio, please let it be Allen. He's the perfect Stepford-candidate; no substance, just all smiles, yucks and aw shucks.

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