Friday, March 03, 2006

Republicans in Richmond Live in Glass Houses...

Raising Kaine via the Washington Post wrote about whiny Republicans who insist Gov. Tim Kaine rebuke his chief of staff for earlier comments about how Kaine "planned retribution against Republicans who do not support his transportation plans." The Roanoke Times today has a follow-up story.

All rightie, but what about over-the top rhetoric by Jerry Kilgore, Robert McDonnell, Bill Bolling, George 'Gomer Pyle' Allen, and every Republican elected official during each and every campaign cycle?!?

Times reports Kaine has already apologized to House Speaker Bill Howell of Stafford County, but the Republican blowhard wants to extract political blood to quelch their "deep distress."

Well, here's something you hypocrites might understand, how about if Kaine openly dresses down his chief of staff around the same time Republicans ALA "Contract with America" come out en masse to apologize to the nation for all your wrongdoings? In other words, when hell freezes over!

Hallelujah! Well said!

Doug in Mount Vernon
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