Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Whine with Your Meal in Virginia?

Ay, Dios Mio!

This is getting to be ridiculous. Today the Washington Post reports that Republican House members are all upset 'cause mean old Kaine is gonna air some ugly but truthful ads in the districts of a few targeted members if the House refuses to get on board with his transportation initiatives.

Republicans took to the House floor to condemn Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's plan begin an election-style campaign of ads, direct mailings and phone calls in 26 GOP districts. The campaign would pressure delegates to support higher taxes for transportation improvements, according to several sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because budget negotiations are underway.

In his inaugural address, Governor Kaine boldly declared that "ours will be a nonpartisan, Virginia agenda that includes all," said House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem)." Now, it has become readily apparent that neither the governor's agenda nor the tactics employed to promote it are nonpartisan. In fact, they both appear to be boldly and unapologetically partisan."

Griffith's speech prompted a similarly enthusiastic response from Alexandria Democrat Brian J. Moran, the chairman of his party's House caucus. Moran accused the House Republicans of failing to invest in transportation, and he defended Kaine.

"If we don't act, so be it; let the governor act," Moran said. "It's not his fault that we're not getting the job done. It's our fault. So let's not hear the partisan rhetoric about the chief executive."

Hmmm...guess Kaine has decided to play a little hardball. Good for him. Growing suburban areas need transportation funding. NOW. And like Moran said, they've been pussyfooting around for a long time without doing a thing about the problem except pay lip service.

And yes, Scott Lingamfelter, of guns-in-garages, abstinence-only, no-funding-for-Metro, gay-bashing wingnut side of the House, Kaine's threat goes out especially to you.

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