Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Looks like Ciro Lost

Maybe my list of voters in Texas were from the hometown of Ciro Rodriguez in San Antonio and that's why they mostly supported him.

First Read reports that DINO Cuellar will likely avoid a run-off, leading by 53 percent to 41 percent. But like the close race in 2004, voter fraud is once again an issue.

When the two candidates met in the primary during the last election cycle, Rodriguez filed suit of voter irregularities in Webb and Zapata counties, Cuellar strongholds. He lost the challenge on a technicality; he filed too late.

This time his team immediately "sent volunteers and lawyers to Laredo to monitor the vote count after officials there reported a 'technical glitch' that kept ballots from being tabulated."

I don't know why it's always in Republican strongholds where computers seem to break down.
We've got people in Zapata, and we're sending people to Laredo, just in case,” he said. “We're making sure everything is above board.”

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