Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lethal Taliban-Christians

From Sojourners latest e-mail is an interesting article by David Batstone about the latest attack from the Taliban-Christians on poor young gals.

Seems Brother James Dobson and The Family Research Council don't want schools to tell young girls about a little vaccination that's 100 percent effective "in blocking a major cause of cervical cancer," designed by Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

Last fall, The Independent reported the vaccine should become available within one year; and now we learn that a "growing movement of public health advocates [that] wants all girls to be inoculated" has hit a snag; Dobson and his "merry band of meddlers," as Daily Kos refers to them, are "leading a charge of Religious Right groups to halt any such national inoculation program. "

Religious Right groups are not seeking to ban the drug. They simply do not want the vaccine to be slotted as an inoculation that every child receives as they presently do for polio and smallpox.

Because these groups link cervical cancer so intimately with illicit sexual activity, a mandated vaccination feels to them like a family values choice would be imposed upon them by the state.

You see, abortion as Firedoglake wrote has never been about life; it's punishment from God for naughty girls who spread their legs; and if you, your daughter, or your wife die because some wingnut thought inoculation was equal to sanctioning, oh well, their god is just!

I listen to Dr. Dobson every week... Know thy enemy...
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