Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hundreds of Thousands Demonstrate Against Immigrant Legislation

Half a million Latinos marched in Los Angeles to protest legislation making its way through Congress, and every major US newspaper as well as international media reported the story on Sunday.

The would-be law that suffered the odium of so many Latinos criminalizes "undocumented" immigrants; and the rally organizer, Javier Rodriguez, said that "demonstrators wanted an immigration system that was humane and not racist."

BBS via Truthout writes:

The House of Representatives...passed a bill that would make it a felony for immigrants to be in the US illegally.

The Senate is set to discuss the bill on Tuesday. President George Bush has proposed a guest-worker plan.

Republicans are making a monumental mistake if they think that their 2004 electoral success can easily transfer to the wedge issue du jour, immigration.

Lou Dobbs and Chris Matthews notwithstanding, this Latina Democrat can only say, "Bring it on."

With a huge portion of Latinos safely ensconced in society, the national party is going to go the way the California Republican Party did during the 90s, down the toilet.

Let's keep in mind all those millions of Latino voters in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Illinois and Pennsylvania; a swing of one or two points in a close election can bring about a majority in the House and Senate for Democrats.

Just last year, the Census Bureau reported that "the number of U.S. businesses owned by Hispanics rose by almost a third between 1997 and 2002, three times the average growth rate for all businesses."

Yep. "The number of Hispanic businesses rose [by] 1.6 million, generating about $222 billion in revenue."

Put that figure in your pipe and smoke it, Señor Minuteman, Al Garza. So typical for a minority self-loathing idiot to join the enemy and pray for dispensation. Meanwhile back at the pueblecito, wonder what my fellow Cubans in Miami think about all this foreign Xenophobic hysteria?!?

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