Sunday, March 19, 2006

'God Protect us from the Fourth Year'

This is the title of an article in Ohmy News which posted one entry from the award-winning blog by an Iraqi woman.

In her entry, she talks about life in Baghdad after the American invasion, and the living hell that is her life.

She writes, "It has been three years since the beginning of the war that marked the end of Iraq's independence. Three years of occupation and bloodshed."

Three years and the electricity is worse than ever. The security situation has gone from bad to worse. The country feels like it's on the brink of chaos once more -- but a pre-planned, pre-fabricated chaos being led by religious militias and zealots.

School, college and work have been on again, off again affairs. It seems for every two days of work/school, there are five days of sitting at home waiting for the situation to improve. Right now college and school are on hold because the "arba3eeniya" or the "40th Day" is coming up -- more black and green flags, mobs of men in black and latmiyas. We were told the children should try going back to school next Wednesday. I say "try" because prior to the much-awaited parliamentary meeting a couple of days ago, schools were out. After the Samarra mosque bombing, schools were out. The children have been at home this year more than they've been in school.

This partial entry reflects the sad tale about American incompetence. No flowers for this bunch of idiots.

As most Americans live their privileged lives without giving the war a second thought, Iraqis live in a world turned upside down by the weight of giant boulders of ineptitude. From beginning to now: poor judgment, faulty intelligence, feeble planning, poor execution and ultimately, worthless assurance of competence.

I encourage everyone to act on their convictions, keep writing about this war until we can ge tit shut down and join in a march agains the war when you can.
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