Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Darn, I lost another One to a Bushie Toady

Former Republican National Chairman and current treasurer of Sen. George Allen’s presidential, er, I mean senatorial PAC Good Government for America, Ed Gillespie, was rumored to be a candidate for Andy Card’s gig at the White House.

But...he’ll have to trot along our favorite Virginia goober for just a tad longer. Today the White House announced White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card resigned and Joshua B. Bolten, a long-time Bush aide going to back to Texas, will be his replacement.

That Texas crowd is like the Corleone family. You have to be Sicilian to join their Longhorn Mafia.

Or maybe they're ticked off 'cause Gillespie is backing the wrong steer.

One bit of gossip for you single gals; Bolten use to hang out with movie starlet of "10" fame Bo Derek; and he's SINGLE.

Wouldn't touch 'im with a 10 foot pole, even if I were still single. I'm no James Carville!
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